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Multiple myeloma. Clinical cases.

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Multiple myeloma - clinical cases

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I am pleased to announce that in 2010 the collective work entitled: “Multiple myeloma – complex diagnosis and therapy” was published, and in 2011 the second volume entitled: “Multiple myeloma – selected issues” was published. The books were published by the Myeloma Treatment Center Foundation of Krakow.

Currently, in order to prove and show the heterogeneity of the disease, the diagnostic difficulties and to further expand the knowledge of the difficult management of patients with multiple myeloma, we have decided to prepare together the third part of the work entitled: “Multiple myeloma – clinical cases”. The book will be published in 2012 and will be published by the Myeloma Treatment Center Foundation.

I hope that in this way we will be better able to help Doctors, Patients and their Families in their daily fight against the incurable cancer that is multiple myeloma.

Best regards
Artur Jurczyszyn

  • Foreword – A.B. Skotnicki, A. Jurczyszyn
  • Preface – Prof. R. Kyle
  • Review – Lidia Usnarska-Zubkiewicz
  • Review – Prof. Henryk Gaertner
  1. Protocols and therapeutic regimens used in patients with multiple myeloma- A. Jurczyszyn
  2. Selected case reports of patients with multiple myeloma treated at the Department of Hematology of the University Hospital in Krakow – A. Jurczyszyn, S. Fornagiel, T. Wolska-Smoleń, A.B. Skotnicki
  3. Long-term thalidomide analogue therapy used in a woman with plasmocytic myeloma – case report – W. Legieć, A. Dmoszyńska
  4. Lymphadenopathy with polyclonal gammapathy – a case report – W. Legieć, A. Dmoszyńska
  5. Familial form of plasmocytic myeloma – a case report – A. Butrym, E. Stefanko, T. Wróbel, G. Mazur
  6. Hip joint reconstruction in a patient with plasmocytic myeloma – D. Dawidowska, J. Kolojda, Sz. Dragan, A. Butrym,G. Mazur
  7. Acquired von Willebrand disease in a patient with plasmocytic myeloma – Grzegorz Mazur, Tomasz Wróbel, Olga Dobrzynska, Sylwia Robak, Maria Podolak- Dawidziak
  8. Rare forms of plasma cell myeloma from clinical practice – D. Dytfeld, M. Kazmierczak, M. Komarnicki
  9. Progressive and chemotherapy-resistant form of plasmocytic myeloma with orbital and brain soft tissue involvement – G. Helbig, S. Kyrcz-Krzemień
  10. Selected case reports of patients with multiple myeloma and primary light chain amyloidosis – G. Charlinski, E. Wiater, W.W. Jedrzejczak
  11. Smoldering plasmocytic myeloma of the light chains – M. Dudzinski
  12. Case report – Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia – J. Starzak-Gwóźdź
  13. Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in high-risk multiple myeloma patients – M. Sędzimirska, J. Lange
  14. Selected case reports of patients with multiple myeloma – D. Woszczyk
  15. Irradiation of patients with isolated myeloma and multiple myeloma – analysis and case reports – K. Pudełek, J. Pudełek
  16. Life-threatening polyneuropathy in the course of POEMS syndrome with good response to lenalidomide therapy – K. Jamroziak, J. Góra-Tybor
  17. IgE plasmocytoma manifesting as colon tumor – K. Jamroziak, J. Góra-Tybor
  18. Inconsistencies in laboratory results associated with quantitative protein determination in patients with monoclonal gammopathy – A. Adamska, R. Drożdż
  19. Selected case reports of patients with multiple myeloma – A. Swiderska
  20. Pain management in multiple myeloma as part of palliative treatment – I. Chmielarczyk-Koszykowska
  21. Infectious diseases in hematology – J. Czepiel, T. Mach
  22. A guide for patients – an outline of possible problems in the course of multiple myeloma – M. Czerniuk
  23. My life with myeloma – part II – patient stories: Beata Konstanty-Mesjasz, Stanisława Winiarska, Jerzy Gniatczyk, Mariola Grabarczyk, Wiesław Łojewski, Dorota Skrzypkowska, Bogumiła Poźniak, Krystyna Talaga, Teresa Smagowicz, Robert Koziana – A. Witenberg